FleeceKing becomes first legit player to reach level 50 in Pokémon Go

There are some caveats, but he didn't cheat to hit the milestone.

Image via Niantic

With the addition of the Go Beyond Update, Pokémon Go players have slowly been grinding their way from the previous level cap of 40 to the new goal of level 50. And just a day after some of the first players started hitting the level 48 mark, the first recorded trainer has reached level 50 in the game. 

Pokémon Go enthusiast and streamer FleeceKing made history by becoming the first player in the world to hit level 50 today. There might have been other players to reach the milestone before him, but as of now, he’s the earliest player with documented proof that he hit the new level cap since he posted on Twitter and streamed the event live. 

This meteoric jump to level 50 from level 48 was partially due to an error in the game where players couldn’t earn XP once they hit level 48. Niantic was quick to respond, but instead of simply trying to get the players their lost XP, a handful of them, such as FleeceKing and Lauren Bertoni, jumped right to level 49. 

This jump saved multiple players a lot of time in the race to level 50, letting them skip having to grind out distance-locked trades, receiving 50 Lucky Pokémon through trades, and sending 500 Gifts to friends. 

The level 50 requirements include reaching 30 million XP, 999 Excellent Throws, five legendary catches in a row from legendary encounters, three Team Go Rocket Leader wins with Pokémon under 2,500 CP, and to hit rank 10 in Go Battle League. This is actually an updated version too since the original requirements would have had players needing to reach rank 20 in Go Battle League, which is a significantly harder task. 

Several other players have hit level 50 since FleeceKing did it, including many trainers who were racing to the top spot, like Bertoni.