Everything you need to know about the Pokétch

It's very handy.

The Sinnoh remakes are staying pretty true to the original, so it’s not surpise that the Pokétch is back in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

The device is a watch that has many different functions and is obtainable pretty early on in the game. It has a bunch of useful tools such as a pedometer to see how far you’ve walked, a calculator, and a memo app.

How to get the Pokétch in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

There are a couple of things you must do to get the device, but they aren’t hard, and anyone with the least bit of Pokémon knowledge should be able to obtain it without any guidance, but in case players are having a hard time, here’s what you need to do in order to get it:

  1. Head to Jubilife City and find the Trainers School. It’s next to the Pokémon Center. Talk to your rival, and then give the Parcel your mom gave you to your rival. They will give you the Town Map in return.
  2. Once you’ve unlocked the Town Map, head to the center of the city and the owner of the Pokétch company will come up to you and ask you to bring him three coupons. These coupons are obtained from clowns scattered around Jubilife City.
  3. Find three clowns and answer their questions correctly.
  4. Once you have all three coupons, head back to the Pokétch owner and he will give you the device.

Clown locations and correct answers for Pokétch Coupons

The first clown is right next to the Pokémart, and he will ask you “Does a Pokémon grow by defeating others and gaining Exp. Points?” Answer “Yes” and he will give you the first coupon.

Next, head west and find a clown in front of a building with two doors. He will ask you “Just like Pokémon, do the moves of Pokémon also have types?” answer “Yes” and you will receive Coupon Two.

The third clown is right in front of the Jubilife TV building and he will ask you “Can a Pokémon hold an item?” The answer is yes, and he will reward your correct answer with Coupon Three.

What does the Pokétch do?

There are several apps in the Pokétch, and some of them aren’t available right away. Here are each of the apps’ functions and how to obtain them:

  • Digital watch screenShows the time – Comes with Pokétch
  • CalculatorDoes math – Comes with Pokétch
  • PedometerCounts in-game steps – Comes with Pokétch
  • Pokémon list & HPShows a list of Pokémon and their HP levels – Comes with Pokétch
  • Memo padA place to draw or write notes – Talk to the owner of Pokétch after you obtain your first Gym badge
  • Marking mapAllows the placement of markers on the map – Speak to the Pokétch owner after you obtain your third Gym badge
  • Friendship CheckerAllows you to see how friendly your Pokémon are towards you – Speak to a woman inside the Pokémon Center in Eterna City
  • Dowsing MachineUsed to locate hidden items – Gifted from Dawn or Lucas after you reach Route 207
  • Berry CheckerDisplays mature Berry trees – Obtained after speaking to the Berry Master on Route 208
  • Egg Monitor Shows information about the Pokémon left at the nursery – Leave a Pokémon with the Solaceon Town Nusery. After you exit the building, re-enter it and speak to the man who is sitting.
  • Analogue ClockShows a clock face – Speak to an NPC after reaching Celestic Town
  • Coin FlipFlips a coin for you – Speak to an NPC in the lobby of the Grand Lake Hotel
  • CalendarShows the date – Have a Pokémon with a Serious nature in your party. After you reach Sunyshore City, use Rock Climb to access the house there. Show the NPC your Serious Pokémon and he will give you the Calendar.