Everything to know about Technical Records in Pokémon Sword and Shield

There's a new way for Pokémon to learn moves in the Galar region.

Screengrab via Nintendo

Technical Machines (TMs) have long been a staple in the Pokémon franchise. The disc-like items teach Pokémon moves and were originally single-use items until generation five, when the items were changed to their current multi-use functionality. Pokémon Sword and Shield have introduced a new type of items called Technical Records (TRs) that resemble single-use TMs from their early days.

There are 99 TRs and 99 TMs in Pokémon Sword and Shield. Many of the TMs from previous generations, like Earthquake and Flamethrower, have been transformed into TRs and are no longer obtainable in their TM form. After a player teaches a Pokémon a move using a TR, the item will break and will disappear from their inventory.

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Where to find TRs in Pokémon Sword and Shield

TRs can be bought with Watts from NPCs scattered across the Wild Area. These shops can be found at key locations, including the Wild Area’s numerous exits and the Nursery, and sell Pokéballs and Wishing Pieces in addition to TRs. Players can buy these items with Watts, the Wild Area’s currency, that is collected by interacting with Max Raid Battle dens and catching Gold Brilliant Aura Pokémon.

Players can also earn TRs by winning Max Raid Battles. After defeating the Pokémon, the player will receive a series of rewards including berries, EXP Candy, and TRs. Depending on the Pokémon’s type and difficulty level, players will receive different TRs. Many of the TMs will match the typing of the Pokémon; for example, a Fire-type Max Raid Battle will reward the players with Fire-type TRs.

Most Max Raid Battles only awards players with two TRs, meaning players will likely have to take on multiple battles to get their target TR.