Ash Ketchum makes game debut in Pokémon Masters EX


Image via The Pokémon Company

Ash Ketchum will finally make his debut in the free-to-play spin-off mobile game Pokémon Masters EX, almost three years after its release.

Popular Pokémon website published the info stating Ash’s arrival to the game through a new event called Classic Thunderbolt. It’ll be a tie-in to the anime’s current arc, centering around the Pokémon World Coronation Series, where Ash will be transported to the game’s region of Pasio and will begin this July 7.

This will be Ash’s first formal appearance in a Pokémon game. In Pokémon Puzzle League, which was released for the N64 in 2000, various anime illustrations of the Pokémon poster boy were featured. But he was not introduced as a playable character, and Pokémon Masters EX will be the first game to do so.

This follows Pokémon Masters EX’s summer event called Summer Nights & Wishing Stars, which began on June 29 and will run until July 16. It introduced two new Sync Pairs, namely N and Zoroark, and Hilda and Grapploct.

There is also a new event in the game, which will be the repeat of the Beachside Rivalry Summer Event from last year. This will focus on Gloria and Marnie opening a stall in Pasio. It kicked off on July 4 and will end on July 18.

Pokémon Masters EX was released in 2019 for both the Android and iOS platforms. In April, the game listed a record 40 million downloads worldwide.