All the moves being added and changed for the Pokémon GO Battle League

Get ready to re-learn a lot of the moves and how they work.

Image via Niantic

In addition to some rulesets and small changes to the battle system, Niantic is also adding a lot of new moves, changing some of the added effects, and filling out the movepool for some Pokémon in Pokémon GO before the GO Battle League launches in 2020. 

You can tell a lot of these changes are being made because certain moves, while often used on specific Pokémon, don’t provide those mons a significant competitive edge. Now, there are effects for some of those moves that can really help a trainer out while building their team. 

First, here are all of the moves that are getting an added effect or are having the text changed. All of these effects are exclusive to Pokémon GO and are not the same as the usual text used in the main series games. 

Move(s)New Effect
Night SlashThe energy requirement has been reduced in Trainer Battles, and it now has a chance to greatly increase the user’s Attack stat.
Icy WindThe move now decreases your opponent’s Attack stat when used.
Hydro CannonNow deals less damage in Trainer Battles. 
Frustration/ReturnNow takes longer to charge in Trainer Battles and deal more damage.
Mud-SlapDamage for Mud-Slap has been increased in Gyms, raids, and Trainer Battles.
Sand TombWhen used in Trainer Battles, Sand Tomb now charges more quickly, deals less damage, and decreases your opponent’s Defense by one stage.
EarthquakeIts damage has been increased in Gyms and raids.
Overheat/Draco Meteor/Psycho BoostThese attacks now charge up quicker in Trainer Battles, but they sharply decrease your own Pokémon’s Attack after use. (Some damage values have been adjusted down to maintain balance.)
Close CombatThe attack now charges up quicker in Trainer Battles, but it sharply decreases your own Pokémon’s Defense after use.

Along with those changes, Forretress, Torterra, Garchomp, and Gliscor can also learn Sand Tomb once this update goes live. 

There is a list of new moves coming to the game, which will also be available for some existing Pokémon as the movepools expand. 

MoveDescription/EffectOld Pokémon Update
Octazooka It’s a slower Charged Attack that may sharply reduce your opponent’s Attack.Octillery and Kingdra
Mirror ShotIt’s a quick Charged Attack that may also reduce your opponent’s Attack.Forretress, Magnezone, Ferrothorn, and Klinklang
Fell StingerIt’s a quick Charged Attack that also increases your Attack after use.Beedrill, Qwilfish, Vespiquen, and Drapion
Aura SphereIt’s a powerful Fighting-type attack.Lucario
SuperpowerIt’s a powerful Fighting-type attack that charges up quickly but reduces the user’s Attack and Defense after being used.Pinsir, Snorlax, Hariyama, Rhyperior, and Melmetal

In the official announcement, you can also see an extensive list of Pokémon that are getting new moves, like Cloyster getting Icy Wind and an updated pool of Pokémon that can learn older attacks that were removed from their movepool. 

Niantic has stated that it will likely be making many more changes once the Battle League is up and running, so keep your eyes peeled for more moves gradually being tailored to the growing competitive scene of Pokémon GO.