All increased spawns, encounters, and event raids for Pokémon Go’s Holiday Event 2020

Celebrate the holidays with some special encounters.

Image via Niantic

Are you ready to celebrate the holidays with a new Pokémon Go event? Well, Niantic is spreading cheer with Pokémon dressed in festive costumes, a ton of bonuses, and the arrival of Vanillite to the game. 

The main appeal of this event will be capturing the new costumed variants of Pikachu, Delibird, and Cubchoo. Vanillite is also making its Pokémon Go debut and will be available in the wild, in five-kilometer eggs, and as a reward for the event’s Field Research.

If you plan on playing some Pokémon Go between sipping hot cocoa and opening presents with family, here is everything you need to know about the Holiday 2020 event, including spawns, encounters, bonuses, and event raids.

Spawn Increases

  • Holiday 2020 Pikachu (Shiny Available)
  • Marril (Shiny Available)
  • Holiday Delibird (Shiny Available)
  • Holiday Stantler (Shiny Available)
  • Snorunt (Shiny Available)
  • Spheal
  • Piplup (Shiny Available)
  • Snover (Shiny Available)
  • Vanillite 
  • Holiday Cubchoo (Shiny Available)

Event Egg Pool (5km)

  • Seel (Shiny Available)
  • Smoochum (Shiny Available)
  • Swinub (Shiny Available)
  • Snorunt (Shiny Available)
  • Vanillite

Event Specific Raids

  • One-star
    • Alolan Sandshrew (Shiny Available)
    • Sneasel (Shiny Available)
    • Swinub (Shiny Available)
    • Vanillite 
    • Holiday Cubchoo (Shiny Available)
  • Three-star
    • Dewgong
    • Jynx (Shiny Available)
    • Walrein 
    • Cryogonal

Event Bonuses

  • Dec. 22 to 23: Double Raid XP
  • Dec. 24 to 25: Double Catch Candy
  • Dec. 26 to 27: Double Star Piece duration
  • Dec. 28 to 29: Double Lucky Egg duration
  • Dec. 30 to 31: Double Catch Stardust

Throughout the event, players will be able to store 45 Gifts at once instead of the usual number.