100 Thieves to auction off Pokémon Base Set Shadowless packs on May 30

This could be your best shot at scoring these vintage packs.

Image via The Pokémon Company

Pokémon collectors looking to score themselves some rare cards will have an opportunity when 100 Thieves auction off packs of Base Set Shadowless cards later this month on May 30.

According to a post by the organization, a Base Set Shadowless box will be broken and each of the 36 packs auctioned off. The auction will take place on the WhatNot app. This app is a community marketplace that is no stranger to the Pokemon card game, as it is in the middle of their May Slabathon event.

Throughout the month of May, the marketplace has sold cards from every set of Pokémon cards produced by the American trading card producer Wizards of the Coast. The sets included ranged from the first edition base set, all the way to the 2003 Skyridge set.

Throughout the month almost 2500 PSA-graded slabs have been sold on the app with the campaign ending on May 29. 100 Thieves’ auction will take place the following day on May 30, and given the rarity of these packs, it is likely they will fetch a hefty price.

If you plan on getting involved in the action you will need to download the WhatNot app, which is available on both the iPhone and Android app stores. On the app, you can RSVP to the auction so that you are notified once it goes live this Sunday, at 7pm CT.

With the extremely limited supply of these packs available around the globe, this could be your best shot at scoring some vintage cards.