Aug 21 2016 - 8:15 pm

Rogue makes Overwatch history after winning the ESL Atlantic Showdown

The biggest Overwatch tournament since the game’s release is over, and the winners came in the shape of the underdogs from Rogue
Sam Nordmark
Writer at @dotesports

The biggest Overwatch tournament since the game’s release is over, and the winners came in the shape of the underdogs from Rogue.

The competition, titled the ESL Atlantic Showdown, offered a $100,000 prize pool as well as international bragging rights, as this was the first time teams from both North America and Europe got to compete on LAN. Taking place at the technology expo Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, the tournament was a must-win for all teams in attendance.

Having had a less than ideal run in the group stage, Rogue’s start at the tournament saw the European squad drop its series against eventual finalists Reunited. Immediately following their loss, Rogue secured their path into the playoffs by defeating the newly-assembled compLexity Gaming roster in two straight victories on both Watchpoint: Gibraltar and Hanamura.

While the victory against compLexity secured Rogue a spot in the semifinals, the team’s path now crossed with overwhelming tournament favorites EnVyUs. Having won a total of 57 series in a row in online matches, Rogue were now tasked with becoming the first team to ever defeat EnVyUs in a series.

Both teams delivered what can only be considered a once-in-a-lifetime performance, as the two sides fought a bloody battle across five maps in total. The final confrontation came on Lijiang Tower, and just as it seemed as if EnVyUs would proceed on to their first ever LAN final Michaël “Winz” Bignet just barely got off a perfect Zarya ultimate, allowing Dylan “aKm” Bignet’s Tracer to wipe out the remaining EnVyUs resistance and secure Rogue’s spot in the grand final. Putting a black mark on EnVyUs’ perfect record.

In the grand final, Rogue were able to exact revenge upon Reunited, who had defeated them in the tournament’s group stage. In stark contrast to Rogue’s bout with EnVyUs, the French-Swedish line-up now entered the grand finals as overwhelming favorites, and subsequently defeated Reunited 3-1.

This is not to say that Reunited didn’t put up a challenge, as the team’s DPS Hendrik-William “Vallutaja” Kinks consistently delivered incredible performances on heroes such as Tracer and McCree. It was not enough to fight off Rogue, however, who now are the winners of the biggest prize pool in competitive Overwatch as they took home $40,000 and the title of best team in the world.

Today - 2:51 am

Lunar New Year Overwatch update confirmed by Blizzard

Its scope is still anyone's guess, though a Mei skin is practically inevitable.
Nicole Carpenter
Dot Esports
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Mei has her red envelopes ready. Do you have yours?

This year, Blizzard Entertainment's Overwatch will get an update in celebration of the Lunar New Year. "Good luck and great fortune await," a tweet from Overwatch's official Twitter account reads. The short video reveals the event will go live next week on Jan. 24, but otherwise details are sparse.

In December, Blizzard teased that a new Mei skin would be released early in 2017, sparking speculation that a Lunar New Year event was coming. If the outfit in Overwatch's video is any indication, it's certain to make fans very happy—a stark contrast from the response toward Mei's legendary Winter Wonderland skin that disappointed many. An update from Overwatch's Korean Twitter suggests D.Va is getting a skin for the holiday, too.

Given the proximity to the Winter Wonderland event, which ended earlier in January, it's unclear just how big the Year of the Rooster event will be. It could just be a couple of skins, but we're hoping the event rivals Winter Wonderland and Halloween Terror and gets its own special brawl.

A celebration of the start of the lunisolar Chinese calendar, Lunar New Year begins Jan. 28, ushering in the Year of the Rooster.

Jan 18 2017 - 4:30 pm

Overwatch Winter Premiere will conclude at PAX South

The live finals will be held in San Antonio, Texas on Jan. 27.
Nicole Carpenter
Dot Esports
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

After weeks of qualifiers and group stages, Next Generation Esports' Overwatch Winter Premiere will see its end at PAX South.

Four of the six teams still in the tournament's second group phase will move on to the $100,000 grand finals in San Antonio, Texas on Jan. 27. The tournament finals will be held at the gaming festival's PAX Arena in partnership with streaming service Twitch.

Two days of group play remain, and will determine which teams make it to San Antonio. Immortals and Kungarna both saw success in the first day of the round of six, with Immortals defeating Detroit Renegades 2-1 and Kungarna 2-0'ing Luminosity Gaming—though Kungarna did later fall 2-0 to Team Liquid. With two days left and 10 match-ups to go, nothing is certain just yet.

Kungarna, however, is confident that they'll make it out of groups. The only unsigned team left in the Overwatch Winter Premiere, Kungarna doesn't have the financial backing other teams have. But even so, they've already invested in official jerseys to wear at the live finals, Alex "Ajax" Jackson said in a post-game interview with NGE.

"The Winter Premiere was designed to highlight the best talent of Overwatch in North America," NGE CEO Andy Vander Woude said in a statement. "It's only fitting to bring these all-star teams to the PAX Arena stage, where their effort and talent can be celebrated by an even wider audience."

Should Kungarna make it to San Antonio, it's unlikely they'll be using those jerseys for long. Being featured on such a major stage increases the likelihood of the roster getting picked up by a major esports organization.

The single elimination finals bracket begins Jan. 27 and will be broadcast live on both the PAX Arena and NGE Overwatch Twitch channels.