Zarya’s “very not good thing” has been fixed in Overwatch

The bug sounds painful.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Something “very not good” got fixed for Zarya in yesterday’s test server patch. And we’re happy for her.

In a list of known Overwatch bugs posted on the game’s forum yesterday, multiple heroes have small notes next to their names—normal stuff like weird animations, strange placements, and glitching abilities. With a change that’s adjusted so frequently and with so many moving parts, Overwatch has bugs, a normal part of game design. The list is designed to keep players updated on what’s being worked on. But next to Zarya’s name, a note left players perplexed. “Zarya does a very not good thing when she reloads.”

Naturally, fans were intrigued. But as it turns out, the bug’s been fixed and shouldn’t have even made the list. But apparently, it was a good one. “Full disclosure, it was one of the funniest bugs I had seen in a while,” QA analyst Denis Genest wrote on the Overwatch forum. “Basically, Zarya’s body got smooshed up into her torso while her reload animation played. Fortunately for Zarya, but unfortunately for everyone curious to see it, the fix was verified yesterday before we pushed to PTR, and I just forgot to remove that line from the known issues list.”

The bug was fixed in a much larger test server patch that let Torbjörn and McCree sing, added a tribute to former Blizzard president Mike Morhaime, and may have kicked off hero 29 hype. Hero changes also were issued for Symmetra, Reaper, Roadhog, and Mercy. All the heroes got buffs of varying levels, which will be on the test server for at least a week or two.

But what matters now is that Zarya’s fixed. Whatever that bug was, it sounded painful.