Overwatch on the Xbox One now supports 4K resolution

The feature went live with yesterday's patch.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch players with 4K televisions can now enjoy the Blizzard first-person title in all its high-definition glory.

Support for 4K resolution on Xbox One went live with yesterday’s Overwatch patch that also added nerfs for both Mercy and Junkrat. Blizzard hinted in November that 4K support would likely be coming, as long as the team could make the user interface look natural on a “truly big screen.”

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The 4K patch for Xbox One users appears to make the game a bit sharper, but the changes are not jarring. Regardless, it’s nice to see the Overwatch team adapting the game for increased technological advances on current consoles.

Alongside the 4K support on Xbox One, players across all platforms saw nerfs to Junkrat and Mercy.

The patch also added a few World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth goodies for players who pre-order the new expansion, though they may not be enough to convince someone on the edge to purchase the expansion. Tracer has two new emotes that plant Horde- and Alliance-themed flags, alongside a bunch of new sprays and player icons.