Winston and Wrecking Ball can slam into the ground from a Symmetra teleport

Teleporting tank tech terrorizes terrified Torbjorn's team.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Symmetra may be the queen of sneaky tactics in Overwatch thanks to her teleporter. The ability can move squads, a Reinhardt mid-charge, and even’s Self-Destruct to a different angle or behind the enemy team’s setup. A video uploaded to YouTube shows a new use of the teleporter, which lets teams catch opponents off-guard with certain tanks.

The video showed how to transfer the momentum of Wrecking Ball or Winston’s area-of-effect slam abilities through the teleport for surprising damage. This would include Winston’s Jump Pack landing damage and Wrecking Ball’s Piledriver.

This technique involves slamming into one end of the teleporter but traveling through it before hitting the ground so the landing AoE damage is done on the other side. To achieve this, players can hold their interact key down while using the ability to trigger the teleport. This allows them to go through the instant teleporting is available, landing and dealing damage on the other side.

While the technique is circumstantial and takes a coordinated team, it is still useful to protect the tanks’ approach. Generally, Wrecking Ball is vulnerable to stuns or sleep darts after slamming down since the piledriver animation is telegraphed. With this teleport tech, however, the enemies won’t see it coming or have time to react.

Though some may think it’s a bug that will be patched out, it follows the same rules as Reinhardt’s charge through a teleport, except in a vertical motion rather than horizontal. Regardless, it is a sneaky tactic that may be just enough to change the course of a ranked game.


Matthew Kennedy