When does Overwatch’s New Blood Challenge end?

The event will last two weeks in total.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Following the recent name change of Overwatch’s pistol-wielding cowboy, Blizzard Entertainment announced a fresh event to celebrate Cole Cassidy.

Complete with a new Epic-quality Sandstorm skin, among other cosmetics, the New Blood Challenge started this week, giving players a chance to get some new in-game swag for Cassidy.

By playing 27 games, players can earn the Sandstorm skin, a new player icon, and a new spray.

Cassidy’s New Blood Challenge will last until Nov. 23.

This gives players two full weeks to play as many games as possible to earn their skin. Keep in mind that winning a game counts as two games played instead of just one.

Additionally, over the course of the event, players who connect their Battle.net and Twitch accounts can watch certain streamers play Overwatch to earn a total of six sprays that feature Cassidy, Pharah, and Ana.

Screengrab via Playoverwatch.com

Every two hours of viewership on Twitch earns players a new tier of sprays. Players can earn all six sprays by watching for just six hours.