When does Overwatch season 27 end?

It will likely end the first week of May.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s competitive season 27 had a slightly delayed start, beginning on March 9 instead of its originally expected date of March 4.

Typically, seasons of Overwatch last about two months before the next one begins—and many people anticipate that this season will have a similar trajectory.

That means season 27 could have an end date around the first or second week of May.

Last year, season 21 of Overwatch began around the same time that season 27 did on March 5. That season ended on May 7.

While an official end date has not been published by Blizzard yet, it appears that the technical issues that delayed season 27 won’t force its end to be delayed significantly. 

Considering the way that seasons of Overwatch typically start and end on Thursdays, it’s expected that season 27 will end on May 6. If the season’s end gets pushed back a week due to its delayed start, it may end one week later on May 13. But that’s not confirmed.

This article will be updated when an official end date for season 27 is announced.