8 August 2016 - 21:54

TSM Transfers Overwatch Team to CompLexity Amid Cheating Rumors

CompLexity scoops up Code7 roster after TSM deemed the history of some of the players to be too much to handle.

Just two weeks priorbefore the team is about to participate in ESL's Overwatch Atlantic Showdown at Gamescom, Team SoloMid has transferred the roster to compLexity. Due in large part to the sketchy histories of Nicolas “NicolasTJO” Aubin and Jake “torkTJO” Lepoff, TSM has decided that the heat and constant questioning of the team's competitive integrity is not worth it.

TSM made the announcement today with input from team owner Andy Dinh.

“As a brand, TSM has always been about hard work and performance," said Dinh. "I did not want our legacy to be associated with allegations of dubious behavior and I will always hold my brand to the highest standard. I still believe that the guys can prove their skill and clear their names through time and hope that the Overwatch scene can give them another chance regardless of this decision.”



While Nicolas and Tork both have not shyed away from the fact that they have previously been caught using cheats in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, recent new allegations about the pair cheating in Call of Duty and even other games has now led to TSM rebuking their decision to give them a chance.

TSM gave the other four players on the team the opportunity to stay on with the organization, but due to the fact that the group of six has already qualified for ESL's event in Gamescom and ELEAGUE's Overwatch Open next month, the roster wanted to stick together and have since been transferred to compLexity.



coL made the announcement of the move today with a quote from team owner Jason Lake.

"We're very honored to join the Overwatch community and excited to work with this talented squad," said Lake. "We've already begun the hunt for a coL.OW gaming house and look forward to a collaboration we feel will bring our loyal fans great success."

It seems as though the cheating history will follow these players around wherever they go, and is usually the case with PC gaming, the legitimacy of one's success will always be questioned thanks to numerous aimbots and other hacks out in the wild.

This news came just a day after Team EnVyUs owner Mike "hastr0" Rufail defended his own players on Twitter as they have also come under fire with allegations of cheating. 


 With TSM bowing out of Overwatch for now, it begs the question if constant allegations will put a damper on the growing esports scene for Blizzard's new FPS.

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