The internet wants Terry Crews to play Overwatch’s Doomfist—and so does Crews

Blizzard hasn’t ever confirmed Doomfist as a potential playable character, but when has that stopped fan speculation?

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

Now that we’ve got Sombra, Overwatch’s Mexican hacker, the internet is starting to speculate on the next hero in Blizzard’s lineup. Generally, many folks want it to be Doomfist, a mystery character who’s name and likeness are scattered throughout the Overwatch world.

And fans also already know who they want actor Terry Crews to voice him. And it fits—Crews is known for his beefy physique, it’s only natural to picture him donning Doomfist’s hulking, golden arm. Plus, the dude apparently likes Overwatch. Last week, Crews posted to Facebook, encouraging his fans to cancel their weekend plans and join in on Overwatch’s free weekendHe’s got a Twitch channel, too.

Photo by Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons (CC BY SA 2.0)

And, in fact, Crews has heard the internet’s call. He wants to play Doomfist. The actor responded to a Reddit post earlier todaycalling for just that, sayinghe’d “LOVE” to play Doomfist.

The ball’s in your court now, Blizzard. In the past, former Blizzard creative director Chris Metzen said that there’s not much about Doomfist lurking in Numbani, but that was in 2015. “What you see on that map and what it makes you feel, as of today, is what you see and not necessarily much deeper than that,” he told PC Gamer in December 2015.

Blizzard’s story of Overwatch is still unfolding, with hints of the universe hidden in the world’s back alleys and dark corners. Or, in a museum in Overwatch’s .

Honored at the Numbani museum’s Unity Day celebrations, Doomfist is a generational character whose likeness dons posters strewn across the Numbani map; one of their gauntlets lays encased in the Numbani payload, too. It’s assumed there’s a Doomfist running around the Overwatch world still, his identity shrouded behind the name “The Successor.” But we do know the two who came before him—“The Savior,” Adhabu Ngumu, and “The Scourge,” Akinjide Adeyemi—are no longer active. The new guy is “The Successor,” after all.

Screengrab via Overwatch

Doomfist started, simply, as a line in the first Overwatch cinematic—nothing more. But he gained traction and evolved from there; something Blizzard has noted happens a lot in the game’s development. Just last week, Blizzard canceled Overwatch: First Strike, the origin story graphic novel, because of how much the game’s story has changed since it initially entered development. Maybe Doomfist’s involvement in Overwatch changed with it.

After all, Blizzard has never ruled out the possibility of adding Doomfist as a playable Overwatch character. “We’ve talked about the gameplay of doing a Doomfist character,” Metzen said. “One day, if we build a Doomfist character, that character will be totally informed by the fact there were Doomfists before him, if that makes any sense.”

It makes sense, Blizzard: We want to know more.