Snowboarder Baptiste Legendary skin revealed for Overwatch’s 2021 Winter Wonderland event

Jump into action with a new winter getup for Baptiste.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

While he may not have the horizontal mobility to shred slopes like Lúcio, Baptiste is joining the lineup of Overwatch heroes ready to partake in winter sports with a new skin.

Overwatch revealed a new Legendary skin today: Snowboarder Baptiste. This skin will be available alongside the previously revealed Sleighing D.Va, Reindeer Orisa, and Ice Wraith Genji Legendary skins, as well as other unannounced cosmetics as part of the Winter Wonderland 2021 event that’s set to begin later today.

In this new skin, Baptiste’s first new seasonal Legendary cosmetic since this year’s Overwatch Anniversary event, Baptiste ditches his normal black and orange outfit for a more athletic snowsuit, as if he’s ready to hit the slopes. It’s complete with multiple neon green accessories, including shades, his gun, and his Immortality Field to add to the futuristic look of the suit. The healing canister that Baptiste normally holds on his back has also been turned into a snowboard, solidifying the hero’s newfound readiness to take part in winter activities.

The Winter Wonderland 2021 event begins later today in Overwatch. But outside of these four Legendary skins, no other cosmetics have been revealed yet. It’s expected that the event will include multiple other cosmetics, including unannounced skins and sprays, as well as the continuation of weekly challenges that reward players with even more limited cosmetics each week of the event.

It will also include the return of cosmetics from previous iterations of the Winter Wonderland event, available through loot boxes and through direct purchase with in-game currency. This event is expected to end on Jan. 6.