Shanghai Dragons sign Develop as new Overwatch League DPS player

Will Develop help the Dragons take home the June Joust victory?

Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment

The 2021 preseason and regular season of the Overwatch League have been home to some of the most drastic roster shifts that have completely shaken up the standings in the May Melee and now the June Joust. And heading into the June Joust tournament, one of the best teams in the Eastern Division is welcoming a new face to their squad.

The Shanghai Dragons, the No. 2 seed from the Eastern Division, announced today that Chae “Develop” Rak Hoon will be joining their already impressive lineup of DPS players. This announcement comes following diem’s departure from the team and competitive Overwatch as a whole. Develop joins the team’s lineup of DPS players—Fleta, LIP, and WhoRU—who have helped the Dragons reach the final weekend of the June Joust.

“Develop, part of the new generation of DPS players, will be flexing his prowess as he becomes a key part of our run through the season,” Shanghai said.

Develop previously made a name for himself in Overwatch Contenders, securing a second-place finish alongside Talon Esports in the 2021 Season One: Korea bracket. He’s long been a player sought after for professional play, even being the subject of discussion for teams in the Western Division prior to his acquisition by the Dragons. 

The Shanghai Dragons join the Hangzhou Spark, Seoul Dynasty, and New York Excelsior as the representatives of the Eastern Division in the June Joust tournament. They hold one of the top two spots in the division alongside the Excelsior and will be competing this weekend in their semifinal match against the Dallas Fuel.

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