Selfless Overwatch player pulls off 5-man Reinhardt charge kill

Now this is how to be a team player.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The purpose of tanks is to protect teammates from the opposing team. Nowhere has that philosophy been more evident than in a fantastic new Reinhardt clip.

Overwatch player Stryggo shared the impressive play in a Reddit video yesterday. In the clip, they set up for a tricky charge on one of Lijiang Tower’s control points. Stryggo sets up the charge into the enemy team, who happen to group up on one of the map’s bridges. As they charge, they capture a Winston and are briefly knocked backwards, making the charge seem like it’s going to be a bust.

Never one to be deterred from his mission, Reinhardt continues charging toward the bridge, taking Winston and four other members of the opposing team with him. Though Stryggo falls off the side of the map as a result of the charge, it was worth it for the spectacular environmental team kill.

Commenters cheered Stryggo on, calling their charge a “dream play” and a well-calculated attack. One viewer said jokingly, “There is just something about playing Rein and seeing an enemy near an edge. You just have to charge.” Others lauded Stryggo’s Orisa teammate, who pulled the opposing team together in a cluster with her Halt!, effectively setting the stage for Rein’s big kill.

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“Remember the ABCs for Rein play,” one commenter wrote. “Always Be Charging.”

Looks like Stryggo took those words to heart.