This is the best Roadhog Arcade game in Overwatch

All you need are a bunch of Roadhogs and the Illios well.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The best thing about Roadhog’s hook is whipping other players into Illios’ well, right?

But when you add in 12 total Roadhogs, it gets even better. Redditor slippery_salmons posted a clip of the Arcade game to Reddit, showing off the wacky chaos of a game like Roadhog Fishing. The goal? Use your hook to throw your opponents right into Illios’ black hole of death.

Gif via [slippery_salmons](

If you aren’t able to find a Roadhog Fishing match to join in Overwatch’s server browser, you can just make your own, tweaking the settings to your own liking. No cooldown on Roadhog’s hook too much for you? It can easily be bumped up, but you’ll still want to keep it lower than it would in a regular game to encourage players to hook rather than just shoot opponents.

Another neat variant would be having one team as all Roadhogs, with the other team as all Sombras. Hook should have no cooldown, Redditor EggheadDash said, with all other abilities disabled. The Sombra team should have no cooldown on their invisibility abilities. Now that sounds like real fishing.

Except in real fishing, the fish likely won’t be carrying a fully-automatic machine pistol.

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