Rise Nation is “taking a leave of absence” from Overwatch

Another esports organization is leaving Overwatch behind.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The list of teams leaving the Overwatch scene has grown by yet another today. Rise Nation is “taking a leave of absence” from Overwatch, the organization announced today.

The roster’s most recent best finish was fourth place in CyberPower’s Extreme Gaming Invitational.

“As it stands today, we do not have any plans on creating a new roster and thus will be taking a leave of absence from the Overwatch scene,” the statement said. “We would like to thank Activision, Blizzard, and the entire Overwatch community for their support and hospitality throughout our tenure. Although we are leaving, for now, we would welcome the opportunity to return to the scene at a future time.”

No reason for the move was given in the team’s official statement, but Rise co-owner Kahreem Horsley told ESPN that the uncertainty around the Overwatch League was the main justification.

“Having one of the top NA teams and not having info on if we will be able to keep the team we currently have for the league isn’t the greatest feeling,” Horsley said. “So the lack of information about the [Overwatch League] is the biggest reason for us backing out, we feel at the moment it isn’t in our best interest to keep paying out to a team monthly that we don’t know if we will be able to keep around.”

Rise now joins the likes of Team Dignitas, Splyce, compLexity, Denial, and Red Reserve as esports organizations that have let go of their Overwatch teams in recent months. TSM also decided not to field a roster in the game.

This weekend is the kickoff for Blizzard’s “development league” for the game, called Overwatch Contenders. There’s currently no official timetable for Overwatch League’s launch.