Reinhardt’s Earthshatter bug will be fixed in April

Earthshatters not landing? This bug might be why.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

A Reinhardt bug that halts the hero’s Earthshatter ability is scheduled to be fixed in April.

An Overwatch player posted the bug to the game’s forum with a video that shows the issue. When the Reinhardt player approaches an Ana player and drops down the ultimate ability, the Ana player is unaffected. The Ana is clearly within range of the Earthshatter, but remains standing and is ultimately able to get away.

Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan replied to the forum post and acknowledged the bug. A fix is coming, he said—but not until April. Kaplan said the development team knows what the issue is, but it’s not an easy bug to wrangle.

“Apparently, it’s the same issue that also affects Doomfist’s Seismic Slam,” Kaplan wrote. “[The developer] is scheduled to work on a fix that will likely deploy around early April. Sorry for the delay. Software development is… um… fun.”

Some folks on the Overwatch forum are happy to see that the team is working on it, but others aren’t pleased that it’ll take so long to fix it. Bug fixes aren’t as easy to nail down as it seems, something that’s been clear as players watch Blizzard adjust Doomfist. Not only has his balancing been tweaked consistently since his release, but he’s had plenty of bugs—some of which still impact the game.