PTR update adds patch notes tab to Overwatch’s in-game menu

Echo hit the PTR yesterday.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The latest PTR update has introduced a patch notes tab to the Overwatch menu, a tester noticed yesterday. This may seem like a trivial detail for some players, but it can be incredibly useful.

Before this addition, Overwatch patch notes could be read from the Blizzard client and on the official forum. But many players don’t even look at the client before launching the game. It can be launched directly by clicking on the game’s icon when the Blizzard client is already opened.

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The most noticeable change from the latest PTR update yesterday was the addition of Overwatch’s new hero, Echo, a DPS omnic that can duplicate enemy’s abilities. But it also added a training partner feature to create a bot in the Practice Range, an update on Tracer’s blink, and bug fixes. The complete notes can be read here.

Meanwhile, players can enjoy the temporary event Archives, which will last until April 2. It introduced weekly challenges, new cosmetics, and returning game modes.

Overwatch developer Jeff Kaplan said that he hopes Echo will be playable on the live servers within a few weeks.