Professional cosplayer spends 250 hours building amazing Widowmaker rifle

It's larger than life.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

One cosplayer brought Widowmaker’s sniper rifle to life through 250 hours of blood, sweat, and tears.

_Mikomihokina_, a professional cosplayer, made the Overwatch hero’s rifle themselves. They 3D printed it, sanded the parts, assembled the whole thing, primed and painted it, and put a final coat of varnish on it before showing it off in a video posted to Reddit. The rifle is life-sized and pretty hefty, weighing over 15 pounds, according to _Mikomihokina_.

In the comments, _Mikomihokina_ shared some insight into their creation process. They showcased the other cosplay items on the wall behind them, including Mercy’s staff, D.Va’s blaster, Ashe’s rifle, and weapons from other games like League of Legends. They also provided advice to fans who were interested in getting into cosplay.

Responding to one fan who said they feel like the “Dollar Store version of what cosplayers should be,” _Mikomihokina_ reassured them that it takes a lot of time to get to where they are today. They recommended a variety of tutorial videos and provided encouragement, reminding fans that it’s not about skill or money, but about love for a character.

_Mikomihokina_’s rifle garnered so much attention that even AndyB, a Blizzard community manager, commented in support of the creation. Other fans said they enjoyed watching the creation process on stream and that they can’t wait to see what they make next. We’re right there with them.