Overwatch’s “Play of the Game” is bugged right now, Blizzard confirms

But a fix is coming.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Finishing up an Overwatch match and having a weird “Play of the Game” is nothing new, but it’s been especially wonky lately. And many players had complained about it on the game’s forums.

Now, Blizzard has confirmed that POTG is bugged. For whatever reason, POTG is going to healers more often than it should—sorry, support mains.

Overwatch developer Matt Whited responded to a week-old forum post that complained that healers, specifically Moira, were getting too many POTGs. Players’ suspicions were correct and a fix is on the way.

“Thanks for reporting the issue,” Whited said. “We are testing a fix and hope to resolve the issue with our next release.” Patch 1.47 should have the fix in it.

Patch 1.47 has been in testing on the PTR since the end of March, so it should be coming sometime soon, possibly in the next couple of weeks.

Fear not, DPS mains—your Twitter timelines and Reddit pages will soon be filled with McCree six-K’s, Genji Nano-Blades, and Tracer Pulse Bombs once more.