Overwatch unveils brand new tank hero Orisa

The new tank character is available on the PTR for testing right now.

"My name is Orisa. I will keep you safe. That is my primary function."

After a few teases and a reveal process that was thankfully not nearly as long as their last character reveal, Overwatch finally pulled back the curtain on its 24th hero, a robot named Orisa. Jeff Kaplan, the game designer for Overwatch, revealed the hero in a developer update posted to YouTube moments ago, also unveiling that she is now available for testing on the PTR servers.

Jeff Kaplan reveals Orisa

Kaplan went into detail about the character’s origins and abilities, saying that she was built by the young girl teased on Twitter, Efi Oladele, after the OR-15 defense bots were defeated by Doomfist in the Numbani airport.

Orisa is described as an “anchor” tank who uses a projectile-based machine gun with “good range,” “good rate of fire” with a large clip size, and an alternate fire that’s basically a miniature version of Zarya’s ultimate. She also comes with a shield that she places on the ground and an ability that prevents her from being “booped” and also mitigates damage. Her ultimate ability, Supercharger, places down a device that buffs damage for nearby allies.

Orisa’s Kit

Orisa’s Origin Story

Orisa will certainly shake up the meta as her weapon seems strong at first glance and her ability to protect and buff herself and her team make her quite formidable. She’s already available for testing on the PTR, with no release window given just yet for when she will hit the live servers.

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