Overwatch player gets a team kill with one Ana grenade

The play led to plenty of laughs.

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

An Ana player recently got the team kill of their life with a single grenade throw.

Reddit user etegilsonn was playing competitive Overwatch when they captured the lucky moment on video. While pushing the payload on King’s Row, etegilsonn’s Zarya teammate threw their Graviton Surge ultimate into the road, catching everyone on the opposing team. After Nano Boosting a teammate, etegilsonn threw a Biotic Grenade, presumably with the intent of debuffing the enemy team with anti-healing or healing their own teammates. But instead, the grenade killed all six members of the other team. After the kill, etegilsonn’s teammates ran back to Ana in victory and celebrated in chat.

Despite the fantastic play, etegilsonn mentioned in the comments that they didn’t get play of the game. Zarya did, likely for facilitating the kill and catching everyone on the opposing team in one Graviton Surge. Other players pointed out that etegilsonn’s teammate’s Amplification Matrix also assisted, increasing the damage of the grenade.

Either way, this was a great example of a once-in-a-lifetime play and definitely one for the highlight reel.