Overwatch player gets a cross-map grenade kill as Ana

Who needs teammates?

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

A fantastic Overwatch cross-map grenade kill led to one defeated Junkrat and one celebrating Ana.

Reddit user u/KiwiMessiah recently posted a video of a match replay and garnered a lot of praise in the process. As Ana, they threw a Biotic Grenade blindly over the walls of the Hollywood map and ultimately landed the finishing blow on an unlucky Junkrat.

In the video, Ana winds up to throw the grenade toward the payload. Standing on the site of the first objective, she tosses the grenade high over the roof of the adjoining house. The camera follows the grenade in slow motion as it sails over several of the roofs and walls toward the first payload checkpoint. As it nears its landing point, a Moira can be seen desperately healing the Junkrat before the grenade lands directly on his head, taking him out.

Hollywood is a map known for its verticality, which makes it even more surprising that Ana’s grenade can make it over those high walls and roofs. Thanks to their tall profiles, it’s likely that the Junkrat didn’t even see the grenade coming, which makes it all the more remarkable. At least that Moira tried their best.

Ana’s grenade has a long travel distance, but who knew it was this long? One of the admiring commenters said if that grenade had landed on them, they’d “uninstall immediately out of shock.” Another quipped, “Justice rains from above.” The throw was a lucky—and legendary—moment for all involved.