Overwatch player flies behind enemies with Junkrat to get 5-man ultimate on Eichenwalde

"Fire in the hole."

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

One of the most frustrating areas of Overwatch’s Eichenwalde map is the route up to the first control point, requiring players to venture underneath an arch that’s normally over-protected by defenders. For some players, taking advantage of certain heroes’ mobility enables them to get behind enemies and secure that first point—though this requires some strategic thinking.

Reddit user u/Singer_Striking sought an efficient way to get past a team consisting of a Bastion protected by an Orisa, Sigma, Baptiste, Ana, and Junkrat, blocking the attackers from advancing safely to Eichenwalde’s first point. To maneuver sneakily around them and offer their team a chance to get past this brute defense, u/Singer_Striking chose Junkrat for himself, taking advantage of Junkrat’s concussion mine jumps.

By placing a concussion mine at the top of the staircase in the building across from the arch and waiting for the cooldown to completely reset, Junkrat was able to pull off some impressive jumps. The player maneuvered themself to slide off the roofs of the buildings to the right, falling right behind the entirety of the enemy team with their ultimate fully charged. Luckily, they landed right behind adequate cover, letting them use the RIP-tire safely to secure five kills.

Only certain heroes can maintain this level of mobility in Overwatch and Junkrat is one hero that, when mastered completely, can reach areas of maps that players maybe wouldn’t expect. Though most players aren’t able to successfully pull off a play like this without being caught by enemies, u/Singer_Striking saw the opportunity to turn the game around and reaped all the benefits.