Overwatch player designs fan concept for Lunar New Year Sigma skin

A lack of Legendary skins in this event got one artist thinking about what could have been.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The current Lunar New Year event in Overwatch only has two Legendary skins, less than what players expected from seasonal events in 2022. But one player decided to design their own skin for the event, one that gives an under-represented hero some spotlight.

Sigma, one of the more recent additions to the growing cast of Overwatch heroes, lacks the same number of cosmetics as more popular heroes like Tracer. Reddit user u/QuilSato decided to remedy this by designing a skin for the tank that fits into the thematic of the current seasonal event celebrating the Lunar New Year.

In this fan-designed skin concept, Sigma dons a festive tang suit complete with rose and gold-colored shoulder plates to celebrate the coming of the new year. His orbs take the shape of paper lanterns, which are often released into the sky as symbols of togetherness and longevity. The shield on his arm, though not fully extended as if he was using the ability, appears to resemble red flower petals. The artists did not showcase how Sigma’s other abilities would work, though they’d likely follow the thematic established through Sigma’s orbs.

This year’s Lunar New Year event celebrating the Year of the Tiger contains fewer skins for players to obtain than normally present in a seasonal event. In a statement to Dot Esports, an Overwatch spokesperson attributed this to “more Legendary skins planned in 2022 than any year prior.” More information is said to be revealed as the year progresses.

Overwatch players can participate in the Year of the Tiger festivities until the event concludes on Feb. 15.