Overwatch’s omnic gondoliers are being slaughtered for Play of the Game—but it’s getting fixed

Forget taking on the other players, there's an easier way to get Play of the Game.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The formula for getting a Play of the Game in Overwatch is relatively simple—get a lot of kills in a short time span, make some sick headshots, or save a teammate. But in practice, it’s not that simple… unless you take to Rialto’s canals with your sights set on omnic gondoliers.

Overwatch players are forgoing traditional means of battle and taking boat trips on Venice’s canals. But while they’re there, players are murdering masses of innocent omnic gondoliers—and earning Play of the Game for it.

GIF via [Reddit](https://www.reddit.com/r/Overwatch/comments/8gwizz/apparently_killing_the_omnic_gondoliers_in_rialto/)

It’s a bug that’s causing these murderous players to earn Play of the Game for taking out innocents, one that Blizzard has already fixed internally. Overwatch principal lead designer Dave Adams commented on a forum post saying that while the bug is funny, “it’s fixed and should be in [Overwatch] soon.”

Some players are using the bug to grab Play of the Game using heroes that typically aren’t heavily represented, like Ana.

GIF via [Reddit](https://gfycat.com/gifs/detail/leansphericaleagle)

It takes a couple more shots than with McCree, but even Ana can land enough rifle shots and ‘nades to take out an army of omnic boat dwellers.

The Play of the Game bug is still in-game, but should be removed with the next Overwatch patch. Ana players, your time is limited to wrack up those Play of the Games—but don’t call us when the omnic gondoliers kickstart the omnic revolution.

H/T PC Gamer