An Overwatch fan spent a year putting together Spotify playlists for all 27 heroes

They're pretty spot on, too.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Of course Lúcio would listen to house music and Tracer would jam to 2000s-era riot grrl music—but what’s Widowmaker into? What does Winston listen to in his office? What’s Mei’s favorite band?

Overwatch fan Ryan Patrick (Dry_Bandit on Reddit) put together 27 playlists stuffed with up to 40 songs, each tailored specifically to all of Overwatch’s heroes. Patrick looked at each heroes’ “lore, history, expression, and community impression” to pluck songs for the playlists. “It was a chance for me to deeply explore lots of different styles of music and to create focused and defined mixes with lots of replayability,” he wrote on Reddit. All of the playlists can be found through his Spotify profile.

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Patrick said the playlists took him a year to put together.

“I tried to be objective and focused to the sound and music styles that I think would reflect each characters’ personality as possible,” he said. “It’s designed to be music they might listen to if they were in our world, to reflect on the diversity and complexity of each character brings from all of their lore content and in-game/out-of-game incarnations.”

Some of his choices are obvious, like tranquil and meditative music for Zenyatta, Overwatch’s healing monk, and ’70s dad rock for Soldier: 76, Overwatch’s favorite father-figure. Overwatch edgelord Reaper got a playlist full of goth-inspired mall rock. Mei’s playlist focuses on indie shoegaze jams from the ’90s and 2000s—it’s a playlist of music you could imagine Mei listening to while doing science in her lab. Ana’s music plays off her sneaky, sniper feel with hazy, psychedelic ’60s rock.

Pick your main and throw on some of this music during your next Overwatch session to really get into their headspace.