Overwatch fans aren’t happy that Blizzard has ‘done nothing’ with Sigma

What would he have been like in an alternate universe?

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch fans believe there was a lot more Blizzard Entertainment could have done with Sigma’s lore.

Reddit user Technician_Frosty shared an image of Sigma with the title “Can we talk about how this man might be the best hero in [Overwatch] in terms of character and Blizzard has done nothing with him?” While Technician_Frosty didn’t share any of their own ideas as to what Sigma’s character could have been, plenty of other fans jumped into the comments to complain about the lack of lore for the physicist and Overwatch as a whole.

User bozart222 discussed the difference between Sigma’s appearance as the “physicist gone insane, used as a weapon” in his character trailer and the “polite Dutch man with no more lore to consume” that he ends up being in the game. Others talked about how his voice lines convey a lot of personality, describing them as “unhinged and powerful,” but his lore development simply hasn’t reached the same level as other characters.

Still other users noted that other characters have been similarly slighted in their eyes. Players have always believed that robot monk Zenyatta deserves more lore, since he isn’t mentioned much in Overwatch‘s external media. Commenters here also mentioned Hanzo, who has large gaps in his history, even though he featured prominently in the early cinematic “Dragons.” Many hope that the falloff in lore for the game means that the development team is focusing all their attention on Overwatch 2 instead.


Emily Morrow
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