Overwatch fan creates a workout Zarya song using her voice lines

"Let's get physical."

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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While patient fans wait for the start of the upcoming Halloween event in Overwatch, one of them produced a workout song named “Get Pumped” that’s made of Zarya’s voice lines.

Surprisingly, Zarya voice lines match the song very well, whose background music is hard bass style. The artist uses her lines and voice sounds when she does her melee attack.

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The user has a unique specialty for creating songs using video game characters’ voice lines. He also uploaded songs of Apex Legends’ Lifeline, Wraith, Caustic, and others on his YouTube channel.

The fan made another Overwatch song with an electronic background using Pharah’s voice lines called “I need to Jet.”

Overwatch fans will have to wait to see which characters this fan will create a song for next. But while they wait, they can prepare for the Halloween Terror event that begins tomorrow (Oct. 15).