Overwatch League organization New York Excelsior will field a Contenders team

Blizzard hasn't released new information about Contenders season two, however.

Image via NYXL

With Overwatch League on the horizon, fans are wondering about Blizzard’s developmental league, Overwatch Contenders.

The developer hasn’t released information about Contenders’ second season, though Overwatch League commissioner Nate Nanzer promised that information is coming before the end of November.

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Excelsior manager Scott Tester told Around the Watch podcast, however, that the Overwatch League team is interested in fielding a Contenders team.

Yeon-oh “Fl0w3R” Hwang, the former LuxuryWatch Blue player too young to compete in the Overwatch League, could be one of the first members. Fl0w3r expressed interested in playing with Excelsior’s potential Contenders team in the second season, according to an interview with Inven.

“NYXL will be recruiting for a second team soon,” Fl0w3r told Inven. “I don’t think members can be revealed yet, but it will be released soon. It is made up of truly capable players, and I think I’d be playing in the Contenders league in that team for some time.”

The Contenders team will likely have to have separate branding from its Overwatch League counterpart, however.

Overwatch Contenders’ first season concluded in early October, with Team Envy and Team Gigantti winning the North American and European tournaments, respectively. Overwatch League is set to begin its preseason exhibition matches on Dec. 6. The full season starts Jan. 10.

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