The South Korean Overwatch Contenders finals are tonight

Technically, it's tomorrow morning.

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Overwatch Contenders kicked off in March for South Korea. Three months later, the first inaugural season is scheduled to begin, with two titans—O2 Ardeont and X6-Gaming—set to clash.

A full season’s worth of Overwatch Contenders will conclude on May 12 at midnight CT (2pm in South Korea). While many of Korea’s most mainstream Overwatch players have transferred to the Overwatch League, there’s still a wealth of great players competing in the country. Ardeont is the newcomer to the Korean scene; the organization pulled its squad from the Overwatch Pacific Championship, where they won season two, and revamped the squad for Overwatch Contenders.

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They’re definitely the underdogs in this match-up, with X-6 Gaming an establishing brand in Korean Overwatch. The X6-Gaming roster once fielded two current San Francisco Shock players, Choi Hyo-bin and Park “Architect” Min-ho. They placed low during season four of the OGN Overwatch Apex, but pulled out a first-place win at Nexus Cup 2017’s annual finals.

The Overwatch Contenders Korea finals are a hot bed of talent—arguably the best of Overwatch’s minor league players. Expect some of these players to get pulled up to Overwatch League teams at some point.

Overwatch Contenders’ finals event will be held at the Olympic Park K-Art Hall in Seoul, South Korea.

Finals events for North American and European Overwatch Contenders events are also scheduled to take place this weekend in Poland. Once Korea’s Contenders finals end, fans will be able to tune into the European semifinals at 5am CT. British Hurricane (London Spitfire’s minor league team) vs. CIS-region Hope kick things off. The North American semifinals begin at 10am CT.

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