Overwatch 2 gets its first LEGO set

It has how many pieces?

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

While Overwatch 2 seems to be mired in delays and development issues, Blizzard Entertainment is going full steam ahead with the game’s merchandise. Last week, fans got a look at the first upcoming LEGO set for the game.

As reported on 9to5Toys, the kit allows players to build the huge Null Sector Titan, which was featured prominently in Overwatch 2‘s trailer. Consisting of 901 pieces, it’s sure to be an absolutely massive creation. It appears to have mobile arms and a light-up back.

Screengrab via 9to5 Toys

The kit also includes two mini figurines of Tracer and Mei as well as a tiny Snowball, all of whom are sporting their new Overwatch 2 designs. While the set doesn’t have a release date yet, it does have a price: $89.99, which is pretty fair for such a big mech.

This isn’t the first time Overwatch characters have appeared in LEGO form. Popular characters like Bastion, D.Va, Soldier: 76, and Mercy have all been recreated in blocky form, as have environments from the game’s Hanamura and Watchpoint: Gibraltar maps. Based on the success of these previous sets, the Null Sector Titan set is likely only the first of several upcoming LEGO Overwatch 2 collections. Until fans are shown more of the game than a trailer and some redesigned characters, though, it’s likely that future sets and designs will be held back for the time being.