Major Orisa bug in Overwatch speeds up ultimate charge

Blizzard is already working on a fix, however.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

After Overwatch’s 1.12 patch landed on June 20, players began noticing a glitch with Orisa’s ultimate. Her Supercharger begins charging while the ultimate is in use, instead of after it expires, as it should.

Orisa’s ultimate is a powerful drum-like device that she slams down mid-fight, giving her allies increased damage-dealing power if they’re within a 25 meter radius. It’s similar to Ana’s Nano Boost and Mercy’s Damage Beam, except it’s powered by a stationary device that can be destroyed.

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Ultimate charge is not supposed to reset until after the Supercharger expires or is destroyed, but a new bug is preventing that from happening. Instead, Orisa immediately begins gaining ultimate charge when she pushes Q. The increased damage done by herself and by allies helps Orisa’s ultimate charge very fast—with the bug active, Orisa is able to have her ultimate ready for nearly every team fight.

Here’s what it looks like.

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Blizzard already confirmed that the change is, indeed, a bug and not a new feature. “This is a bug and we’re looking into it right now,” a Blizzard community manager said in the Overwatch forum.

There’s no timeline for when the bug will be fixed. Given its severity, however, we’re sure Blizzard is working quickly on a fix.