“Major” anti-cheat initiatives coming to Overwatch in next 2 patches

Blizzard continues to crack down on hacks.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment
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Overwatch’s latest developer update highlighted significant changes coming to the game. But the novelties will be followed by the reinforcement of Blizzard’s anti-cheat technologies.

Game director Jeff Kaplan outlined in today’s developer update that the company has plans to increase the protection against cheaters in the Overwatch community in the next few patches. Kaplan kept some secrets about what the development team has in stock, however.

“As always, there’s a huge anti-cheat effort going on,” Kaplan said. “It’s in my best interest and the game’s best interest not to discuss the details of what’s happening with anti-cheats with some major things going in the next two patches to address anti-cheats.”

Kaplan also praised the community’s reports on cheating and asked players to “please keep those coming” because “we really love your help with anti-cheat.”

Cheating in Overwatch became a prominent topic after Brian “Kephrii” St. Pierre accused other players in the pro circuit of hacking following the Breaking Barriers tournament. Other players and entities quickly moved into the spotlight and arguably a few of them are as vehement as The Overwatch Police Department.

Spearheaded by Mohamed “Gamerdoc” Al-Sharifi, the P.D. is a dedicated group of anti-hackers who are devoted to spreading awareness about the problem, including to Blizzard itself. The group of players has played a hand in Blizzard’s alleged detection of hacks like Xion and Pentagon, which gave their users a series of unfair advantages. Both services offered aimbots, the ability to see enemy outlines, and automatic ultimate blocking. Using them could cost up to $155 per month.