Junkenstein’s Victory mode lets Overwatch fans play as villains

Anyone can play it!

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

If you’re an Overwatch fan who’s tired of seeing Dr. Junkenstein lose every year in Junkenstein’s Revenge, there’s a new game mode you might be interested in.

Redditor trappi, who goes by Therister in the game, created a new mode in Workshop called Junkenstein’s Victory. Frustrated by the perceived stagnation of Junkenstein’s Revenge year after year, Therister created the PvE mode to let players to play as villains, which is the opposite of the usual heroes-vs-Zomnics gameplay. They describe the mode as “a unique 4-player co-op PvE adventure game mode” that enables players to take on the role of Junkrat, Roadhog, Reaper, and Mercy as they attempt to break into Akdersbrunn.

Junkenstein’s Victory goes far deeper than its inspiration, though. Players can upgrade their stats and gain new talents by purchasing items and unleashing them on 14 different enemies and four different bosses. Therister built a custom dialogue system for the mode that includes over 20 different cutscenes for fans to experience and packaged it all into a trailer, which they shared on Reddit.

Fans showed their appreciation in the comments and wished for a similar overhaul of Junkenstein’s Revenge from Blizzard. Therister, who has made other Workshop modes before, graciously accepted the compliments and revealed they worked on the mode for two months. They even included a bug fix notice in another comment, providing an update for crashes and ping issues. For players who want a new experience out of Overwatch‘s Halloween Terror, Junkenstein’s Victory seems like a great place to start.