Job Simulator developer hacked their game to add in Overwatch

An Owlchemy Labs dev got creative using Job Simulator assets to put Overwatch in their game.

Image via Owlchemy Labs

Overwatch is now in virtual reality—sort of. Owlchemy Labs developer Zi Ye spent his weekend hacking Owlchemy Labs’ game Job Simulator to play a match of Overwatch.

Job Simulator, as you may have guessed, simulates what it’s like to have a good ol’ white collar office job. You know, making copies, answering phones, and inputting data. Don’t see where Overwatch fits in?

Getting creative with Job Simulator’s assets, Ye takes on Reinhardt, Pharah, and McCree using Reaper’s stapler guns, Widowmaker’s wine bottle and coffee cup sniper rifle, and Mei’s Popsicle ice wall. Attacking heroes are computer screens with faces, and Ye is playing as a set of hands. (It’s VR, remember? You’re seeing through the player’s eyes.)

So when’s it hitting Job Simulator? Likely never, according to Ye. “This was just a personal project of mine,” said Ye. It looks like we’ll never get to snipe Pharah out of the air with a wine bottle, which is really too bad.