How to get Sinatraa’s MVP skin in Overwatch

Alien Zarya can be yours with just a few simple steps.

Screengrab via Overwatch League

Overwatch got a little more extraterrestrial today with the release of Alien Zarya, the 2019 MVP skin honoring Jay “Sinatraa” Won of the San Francisco Shock.

The exclusive skin gives Zarya a 50s-style suit as well as glowing tendrils and energy pads. As Zarya powers up, parts of the skin power up with her, resulting in a seriously cool electric glow effect. 

Alien Zarya is only available from June 16 to June 30, so fans of the skin need to act fast. The skin can be unlocked at the cost of 200 Overwatch League tokens. It’s a steep price, but there are two ways to go about unlocking the skin, one of which includes spending no real-life money at all. 

First option: Buy Overwatch League tokens 

Objectively, the easiest way to get the Alien Zarya skin is to buy the tokens required to unlock it. After booting up Overwatch, navigate to the Overwatch League page within the game. In the bottom right side of the screen, your current amount of tokens is shown. The button under that will take you to a purchasing screen, the same one used to buy loot boxes.

The Alien Zarya skin costs 200 Overwatch League tokens. For $5, players can purchase 100 tokens. Dropping $10 will get you the Alien Zarya skin instantly and you can go back to flexing on your teammates in competitive mode. 

Second option: watch Overwatch League games to earn tokens

For much of this year, fans missed out on the ability to earn tokens while watching Overwatch League games thanks to the league’s switch to YouTube. Thankfully, the league recently re-enabled this feature, and fans can go back to farming tokens as they catch games. 

To earn tokens, viewers must watch Overwatch League games through the website or the mobile app; views on YouTube will not earn tokens whatsoever. Be sure to connect your account, or applicable console account, by logging in on the top right of the site or app. During live games, a dialogue below the feed will state that you are logged in and eligible to earn tokens. This is regionally restricted, so double check that your country is able to earn tokens. 

Viewers can earn five tokens per hour of live Overwatch League viewing on weekends. Both Asia Pacific games and North American games count. Each weekend, the league averages at least five hours of games in North America and three to five hours in Asia per day. At this rate, at least 50 tokens can be earned per weekend at the bare minimum. 

There are two weekends of play remaining before June 30, when the skin is taken down. Since both weekends are full of Overwatch League games, viewers can easily earn 200 tokens by watching every game each weekend. 

Bonus: Twitter token giveaways 

If watching every live Overwatch League game, or at least leaving the website open in the background, isn’t your style, you can try your luck on social media. Nearly every Overwatch League team hosts regular giveaways of tokens, especially at the beginning or end of the month. For example, the San Francisco Shock are hosting a token giveaway in honor of Sinatraa’s skin release. Players also often give codes to fans on social media. 

No matter how you get those coveted 200 tokens, the Alien Zarya skin can be unlocked on the Overwatch League page within the game. June 30 is the hard cutoff for the skin and it will likely not be available at any other time.