How long will Overwatch 2 servers be down?

Servers are down again, but it shouldn't be for too long.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

After the tumultuous release of Overwatch 2 this week, the Blizzard developers are working to fix not only the servers but also the numerous bugs players have encountered as they dive into the long-awaited sequel for the first time.

On Friday, Oct. 7, Blizzard initially announced that another round of server maintenance was scheduled from 8pm to 9pm CT this evening. Shortly after the servers were supposed to have gone down, the official Overwatch Twitter updated players that the servers would actually be going down from 9pm to 10pm CT, an hour later than originally scheduled.

The servers should be back up around 10pm CT, Blizzard said. As of 10:30pm CT, however, the servers are not yet back online. now says that the servers are expected to come back online around 11:30pm CT.

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

It’s been a tough first week of life for Overwatch 2, including queue times of up to 40,000 players waiting to get into the game on launch day, many of whom had little success after hours of waiting. Blizzard also experienced multiple DDoS attacks on launch day, making the issues even worse.

Though the servers were more stable for players today after a round of maintenance the day before, there are still noticeable bugs in the game that seem to be widespread for a large number of players. Seasoned Overwatch fans are reporting heroes they’ve played for hundreds of hours suddenly being locked, failure to transfer their cosmetics from the original game to its sequel, and more.

Blizzard has been releasing updates this week saying it is working on the issues.

One noticeable announcement also came yesterday after players were upset about one of Overwatch 2’s new safety measures, which required all players to have a valid post-paid phone number attached to their account. The team lifted this requirement after community members reported, yet again, widespread issues with the new feature.

Players hope that the game continues to become more stable as Blizzard fixes these issues, though more server downtime may be in the future.