Brave Mercy blocks a Mei headshot for their teammate in Overwatch

Why don't the rest of us get teammates like this?

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

When playing Overwatch, we all want teammates who will look out for us no matter what. One Mercy recently decided it was time to protect a fellow support from certain death.

Reddit user agitobIastoise shared a video of one of their recent matches on the Overwatch subreddit. In the clip, agitobIastoise is playing as Mercy on Oasis. The opposing team’s Mei tossed a Blizzard onto the control point and agitobIastoise’s Ana teammate got caught and frozen at the very edge. Mei ran up to the Ana and took aim for a headshot, hoping for an easy kill.

Their efforts were thwarted, however, when agitobIastoise dropped in front of Ana at the last minute and took the shot for her, preventing her from being damaged and saving the both of them from death. In the video, this moment is shown from several different perspectives, including Mercy’s, Ana’s, and Mei’s. During these moments, it’s easy to see that Ana would have been taken out if not for agitobIastoise’s quick intervention.

AgitobIastoise mentioned in the post that the Ana in question had saved them a couple of times during the match, so they felt like they should return the favor. Fans in the comments agreed that it was a heroic moment, with one saying that the clip qualifies as a love story. Another said that support players have to look out for each other since no one else is willing to do so.

This struck a chord with many other commenters, who went on to discuss how aggravating it is to be killed constantly by flankers only to have your teammates complain about a lack of healing or too many deaths. AgitobIastoise’s video is a great example of how we can all be better allies to our Overwatch teammates.