Boston Uprising's Mouffin shows how to reach high grounds with Sigma

No need to spend an ultimate to reach a high ledge.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s Sigma spent his life studying gravity, but it still stops him from jumping onto high ledges.

Getting the high ground can play a decisive role in Overwatch. Boston Uprising’s Walid “Mouffin” Bassal recorded a video to teach players to land on more obscure high grounds and spots.

Sigma’s primary attack fires two Hyperspheres which bounce off surfaces and explode, dealing damage and a small knockback. Detonating the gravitational charges on Sigma’s feet can give the hero the height boost needed to climb certain ledges. Mouffin recorded a thorough 19-minute tutorial listing all the spots and how to reach them.

The video compiles spots in Temple of Anubis, Numbani, King’s Row, Hanamura, Nepal, and Volskaya Industries.

The first ledge Mouffin shows is a popular jump spot in Temple of Anubis, located near the gate between the two objectives. Some characters can use a nearby crate to naturally propel themselves into the air, but Sigma needs an extra boost. By aiming his primary fire on the wall opposite the crate and jumping as the projectiles bounce back and hit him, the tank gets a small vertical boost—just enough to land safely close to the gate.

Another curious spot is the short ledges in the final objective in King’s Row. For a defending team, contesting them would normally involve running around to the stairs. Sigma’s primary fire can give him the height advantage to land on them, saving the need to go through the entire enemy team. The same trick also opens up possible flanking positions on the final point by allowing players to vault over a crate and emerge on the enemy team’s backline for clutch ultimates.

Mouffin was promoted to the Boston Uprising from its academy team. He is on a two-way contract and is eligible to play both the Overwatch League and the Contenders series, as long as he follows the guidelines in Blizzard’s roster construction rules.