10 August 2016 - 23:41

Blizzard Confirms Overwatch's One Hero Limit is Here to Stay

Game director Jeff Kaplan shot down rumors of Competitive mode changing things up for its hero limit in Season 2.

With rumors and speculation running rampant, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan put it all to rest with a quick reply on Blizzard's forums today. Season 1 of Blizzard's FPS's Competitive Mode saw a one hero limit implemented before it launched, and it seems as though they will be sticking to their guns for now.

"We're not going to remove it," said Kaplan on the hero limit. "The response has been really good. We're keeping it for Season 2."

While Competitive Mode is outside of traditional Overwatch esports, most tournaments and organizers will end up following suit with what Blizzard aligns with, so this confirmation is welcome to all involved in the scene.

Speculation began on the forums recently as Blizzard's stance on the subject took a change right before the first season of Competitive launched at the end of June. Before that, Blizzard took a hardheaded approach to the subject by constantly saying that class stacking was a part of the game and a core idea of Overwatch's gameplay. But as the Competitive scene got more popular, un-entertaining and annoying compositions began to take shape, such as the infamous 2 Tracer, 2 Lucio and 2 Winston meta that dominated the scene before the one hero limit was installed.

The ability to stack multiples of the same hero became a mundane and game-breaking situation, as most players and spectators will now agree that a one hero limit is when Overwatch at its best. Otherwise, cheesy stacking compositions dominate the scene and make OW esports less enjoyable for everyone involved. 

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