Animators create beautiful fan-made Link character trailer in Overwatch

If only Blizzard could make Nintendo-themed skins for the game's Switch launch.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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Overwatch is headed to the Nintendo Switch next month and some avid fans have recently created a Link character model that has both Nintendo and Blizzard fans swooning about how well made it is.

The whole video was worked on by five people, from the character model to the visual effects and the animating. Link looks exactly like how he would if he were to join the Overwatch hero roster, from the facial features to his iconic shield. He even opens up a lootbox and reveals a rupee just like how he usually does in his various games.

An orchestral version of the Zelda theme song was added as a nice touch at the end when the Overwatch logo faded from view. It was a great moment that made many people wonder if Blizzard could ever implement various characters from Nintendo’s vast collection of games as skins for Overwatch heroes.

There are multiple Nintendo characters that could fit some heroes as cosmetics. Hammond could be transformed into a Pikachu, for example, while rolling around in a giant Poké Ball. The voice of the robotic suit could also be changed into the voice of the show’s Pokédex. This, combined with the launch of Overwatch on the Switch, could become a huge hit with the fans.

Although Nintendo-themed skins are far from likely, this Link animation is beautifully made and gave fans a good taste of what could be.

Overwatch will be released for the Nintendo Switch on Oct. 15.