Ana player survives getting hit by the cars on Oasis

We know where Pharah got her flying skills.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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Why did the Ana cross the road? To get to the capture point. At least, that’s what a Reddit user showed us in an Overwatch match where they got hit by one of the cars in Oasis: City Center and survived.

The player was taking shots at the enemy team near the street. After drawing the attention of the enemy Doomfist and dodging his Meteor Strike, the Reddit user was forced into the streets. But an allied Zarya gave the Ana player a bubble shield mere seconds before they were accidentally hit by a car, which ended up saving the heroine from certain death.

The bubble absorbed the damage caused by the car, but not the force of the blow. The hit propelled Ana over the rooftops and back to the capture point, landing without a scratch.

Zarya didn’t gain energy from the hit, though. Using cars to charge Zarya was a strategy (though a situational one) after Oasis launched, but Blizzard later removed that possibility in a patch.

Several Overwatch fans were appreciative of the play and want to see other players use this strategy as an unorthodox double rollout. But some people criticized the Reddit user’s overextended positioning.

“Why are you so far forward?” a fellow Reddit user asked. The Ana player’s reply was lighthearted: “Because I suck.”