Now you, too, can do trickshots with Ana’s grenades

Get your montages ready.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Get your video capture equipment ready, because we’re about to make some montage videos.

Using healing sniper Ana and her biotic grenades, Overwatch has a lot of trickshot potential. Thanks to YouTube user KarQ, we now know all the best spots to line those ‘nades up. KarQ has outlined 22 different spots to throw grenades from across all of Overwatch’s maps, except Ecopoint: Antarctica.

As it turns out, Ana has an incredibly strong throwing arm.

Some of the more impressive shots require players to use Overwatch’s architecture and user interface to carefully line up certain positioning. To get them right, it’ll likely take lots of practice. But when they land, it’s pretty damn cool.

A few throws are more useful than others, as it’s unlikely that an Ana player will be able to remove herself from battle to line up grenades. Instead, use these sorts of shots as a way to potentially help out your team when you’re heading back into battle from the respawn point.

Landing these grenades at just the right moment could create an essential opening for a team, rendering an enemy team’s healers useless.