5 November 2017 - 14:25

Afreeca Freecs exit Overwatch

The organization didn't provide a reason, however.
Overwatch Staff Reporter
Screengrab via OGN Global

Fresh off a top four finish at the 2017 APAC Premier, the Afreeca Freecs Overwatch team will disband.

The organization announced the team's departure from Overwatch on Twitter. A reason for the team's disbandment was not named. The seven players formerly signed to the roster will enter free agency and won't compete together as Afreeca Freecs in the next season of OGN Overwatch Apex.

Afreeca Freecs were once considered a top tier team in competitive Overwatch—the roster placed second in Overwatch Apex's first season—but have fallen out of grace in the last few months. After placing third in the third season of Overwatch Apex, Afreeca Freecs placed 12th in season four with only one win before they were eliminated.

The players' immediate plans for their futures in Overwatch are not immediately clear. Individually, the former Afreeca Freecs players are incredibly talented—they just have not meshed well as a team recently.

A schedule for Overwatch Apex's fifth season has not yet been released.

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