London Spitfire end Los Angeles Valiant's undefeated stage 3 run

Valiant couldn't score their sixth win in a row against the talented Spitfire.

Samuel Lingle  -  16 hours ago

Boston Uprising extend their win streak to 10 by defeating Seoul Dynasty

They'll challenge for the league-best win streak next week.
Samuel Lingle - a day ago - Overwatch

Architect helps San Francisco Shock upset Philadelphia Fusion

It was a coming out party for Shock's newest DPS player Architect.
Samuel Lingle - 2 days ago - Overwatch

Symmetra will apparently be a defense hero after her rework

Overwatch developer Tim Ford spoke about Symmetra's upcoming changes.
Nicole Carpenter - 2 days ago - Overwatch

Brigitte was also nerfed in Overwatch's latest PTR patch

Blizzard forgot to mention a few more changes that hit the PTR yesterday.
Nicole Carpenter - 2 days ago - Overwatch

Blizzard accidentally uploaded a major Horizon Lunar Colony overhaul to the PTR

The changes on Horizon Lunar Colony may not be final.
Nicole Carpenter - 2 days ago - Overwatch

Death could walk among your home with this $80 Reaper action figure

Blizzard and Good Smile Company just added Reaper to the Figma lineup.
Nicole Carpenter - 2 days ago - Overwatch

Hanzo rework, Tracer nerf live now on Overwatch's test server

The new Overwatch map is now on the PTR.
Nicole Carpenter - 3 days ago - Overwatch

Overwatch's new map, Rialto, is now playable on the PTR

It's a new version of the Retribution map.
Nicole Carpenter - 3 days ago - Overwatch

Korean OWL casters didn't want to mention a Dallas Fuel players' name—here's why

Dallas Fuel's OGE was suspended for four games for boosting.
Nicole Carpenter - 3 days ago - Overwatch